Rate Filing Requirements

Trend Selections from Board Consulting Actuaries

Private Passenger Vehicles

Commercial Vehicles

Rating Profiles

Required for application made under 155G Prior Approval, 155G Adopt IAO Rate, 155G CLEAR, 155G Commercial RG Tables, 155H Expedited Approval and 155B Overall Decrease.

Before April 1, 2017

After March 31, 2017 and 2017 CLEAR Updates

Rate Filing Requirements

Section 155G Prior Approval (Mandatory Filing)

Section 155G – CLEAR

Section 155B – Overall Decrease

Section 155H – Expedited Approval

Section 155G – Commercial Vehicles RG Tables

Section 155G – Endorsements

Section 155G – GISA Class Changes 2013

Section 155G – Adopt IAO Rates

Section 155G – Discounts & Surcharges

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