Potential Retailer Licence applicants:

Anyone wishing to apply for an Electricity Retailer Licence must complete the APPLICATION FORM and file it with the Board, along with the other requirements outlined in the application.

Retailer Licensees must comply with the Board Electricity Retailers Regulations (Nova Scotia) and the Code of Conduct.

Information for Customers

For Customers wanting further information on the purchase of renewable electricity from licensed Electricity Retailers, including information about entering contracts with a licensed Retailer, please refer to the Guide to Purchasing Renewable Low-Impact Electricity in Nova Scotia.

The list of Board approved licensed Electricity Retailers can be found hereIf you are approached by someone who is not representing a Retailer on this list, please contact the Board immediately at (902) 424-4448 or toll free at 1-855-442-4448.

Retailer Licensees must comply with the Code of Conduct.

Licensed Retailers must provide new customers with a Disclosure Statement which provides basic information about retail electricity contracts and the customer’s rights.  Depending on what type of contact was made by the licensed Retailer with the customer to complete the electricity contract, one of the following forms of Disclosure Statement must be provided to the customer:

Disclosure Statement [Door to Door or Direct Mail]

Disclosure Statement [Electronic and Telemarketing]

Along with the Disclosure Statement, the licensed Electricity Retailer must also provide new customers with Rate Comparison Information which outlines a comparison of the rates charged by NSPI and the rates to be charged by the licensed Electricity Retailer.  The form of Rate Comparison will be slightly different depending on how the licensed Retailer contacted the new customer, as follows:

Electricity Rate Comparison Information [Door to Door or Direct Mail]

Electricity Rate Comparison Information [Electronic]

Electricity Rate Comparison Information [Telemarketing]

Other Frequently Asked Questions:

What does a license provide?

Upon approval of a license a retailer will be permitted to generate and or sell renewable low-impact electricity in Nova Scotia as an alternative electricity provider.

Will the Renewable to Retail process result in a rate increase?

The legislation states that customers of NSPI are not to be negatively affected by the activities of this new market. There will be no rate impact to NSPI’s customers.

What are the rates under an alternative power supplier?

The licensed Retailers are not public utilities, so the rates offered by new suppliers under the Renewable to Retail market are not regulated by the Board.