The following Statutes, Rules and Regulations may assist interested persons regarding issues of practice and procedure for matters coming before the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board.


A Note on Statutes and Regulations:

Statutes and regulations change from time to time. If you need the most current version of an Act or Regulation please note the following:

  • It can take several weeks between the date the change is approved and the date the online version of the Act is updated. In the interim, changes to Acts can be found on the Bills of the House of Assembly page. Also, some changes are larger or more complex and are displayed separately in the list of Acts.
  • Changes to Regulations are usually made using Orders in Council. Again, there can be a delay between the date of approval of the Order and the date the updated Regulation is available online.

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Rules and Regulations

Please refer to one or more of the following respecting regulatory or adjudicative matters coming before the Board.

Regulatory Rules and Regulations

Adjudicative Rules And Regulations

Motor Carrier Division (Public Passenger) Rules And Regulations

Other Rules And Regulations

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