For some larger hearings where there may be significant public interest or where requested by the parties the Board may broadcast the hearing through the internet via GoToWebinar. You can listen to the following hearings online:

Scheduled Events:

Hearings relating to residential property appeals are normally NOT broadcast unless there is a request. If you feel you would like to observe an upcoming residential property appeal hearing, please contact the Board for assistance.

There are currently no scheduled events.

Please note:

    • You will need a computer with speakers and a suitable audio program to access the broadcast.
    • The Board uses an outside service to transmit the broadcast. When selecting the audio link you will be redirected to the service provider's web site. Information on audio programs and locations for free software downloads is available on that site.
    • If you connect to the audio broadcast but cannot hear anything it may not be a technical problem. Periods of silence occur when the hearing has temporarily adjourned (e.g., lunch or breaks) or a confidential session is in progress.
    • A quick reference guide from GoToWebinar for attendees can be downloaded at the following location. For obtaining and testing the GotoWebinar client software in advance of the hearing please follow this link.