The Board has jurisdiction over the wastewater and stormwater operations of the Halifax Regional Water Commission (“HRWC”) only. All other wastewater and stormwater systems are the responsibility of their respective municipalities.


In 2007, at the request of Halifax Regional Municipal Council (“HRM”), the Province amended the Halifax Regional Water Commission Act to transfer certain wastewater and stormwater operations to the Halifax Regional Water Commission and make them subject to regulation as a utility. As a result of this transfer HRWC became the first regulated water, wastewater and stormwater utility in Canada.


As a regulated utility, HRWC is responsible for applying to the Board for approval of rates charged to customers for provision of the various services.


The term “wastewater” refers to sewage and other commercial or industrial wastes.


The term “stormwater” refers to surface runoff from rain or snow which enters ditches or other systems designed to catch runoff and redirect it elsewhere.

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