The Board’s role in considering customer complaints is focused on determining only whether the utility has followed the Board approved Regulations in its dealings with customers. The Board does not act as a mediator, nor does the Board order financial payments by either party. Such issues are left to whatever legal channels that the customer, or the utility, may wish to pursue.  The Board’s authority only deals with the action of the utility up to the point where the service is provided to the customer’s meter. The Board has no authority to investigate or comment on consumption issues on the customer’s side of the meter.

Before proceeding to the Board, you must first contact your utility to try to resolve your complaint.  If your complaint is about NS Power or Halifax Water, you must first refer the complaint to its Dispute Resolution Officer (DRO).  For NS Power, only complaints about metering, billing and connection or disconnection matters may be referred to its DRO.  If you are dissatisfied about the decision by the DRO for NS Power or Halifax Water, you may appeal the DRO’s decision to the Board (within 12 days from a NS Power DRO decision or within 30 days from a Halifax Water DRO decision).

For all other complaints about municipal electric or water utilities (or about matters not handled by NS Power’s DRO), you may proceed directly with your complaint to the Board.

For information about how to proceed with your complaint, please follow these three easy steps:

Step 1: Contact Your Utility

Before contacting the Board, you must first contact your utility to try to resolve your complaint with them.  To get the best results from contacting your utility, please review the information in the link below.

How to contact your utility provider

Step 2: Prepare to Contact Us

If your utility is unable to resolve your dispute, your complaint to a Dispute Resolution Officer (for NS Power or Halifax Water) was not successful, or if you are dissatisfied with the resolution of your complaint, you may contact the Board for assistance. To obtain the best results from your contact with us, we encourage you to review the information in the link below before you contact us.

How to prepare for your contact with the Board

Step 3: Contact Us

If you are already familiar with our complaint process, you may proceed with your written complaint by completing our online complaint form.  Who is your complaint about?