To be widely recognized as a trusted, leading adjudicative and regulatory tribunal; and,

To be a resource for informing public policy.


To serve Nova Scotians by fairly and independently resolving matters in an efficient and effective manner.


We are:

  • Ethical and act with integrity
  • Respectful of others and the environment
  • Responsive, dedicated, and knowledgeable

The way we operate is:

  • Fair and independent
  • Accessible and accountable
  • Efficient and cost effective

Our communication with our stakeholders, the public and each other is:

  • Timely and understandable
  • Open and transparent
  • Respectful and courteous

Our decisions are:

  • Impartial and objective
  • Consistent and timely
  • Well-reasoned and easily understood

Our workplace is:

  • Professional and team oriented
  • Collaborative and collegial
  • Committed to delivering high quality services

We aspire to the principles of:

  • Environmental sustainability
  • Social responsibility
  • Good governance


Copies of the Board's current and past Strategic Plans are available on our Plans & Reports page.