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    Information regarding larger Nova Scotia Power Incorporated capital expenditure requests currently under review and Annual Capital Expenditure (ACE) Plans can be found here.

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    Notices relating to appeals of the assessed value of residential properties can be found in our searchable Matters and Evidence database. Notices of hearing are ordinarily included in the Other Documents tab of each proceeding.

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Paper Hearings

Matters not requiring in-person oral hearings are listed below. Those wishing to participate in these proceedings should respond by the dates indicated in the notices.

  • Paper Hearing: E - EfficiencyOne (E1) (M10473)

    IN THE MATTER OF AN APPLICATION by EfficiencyOne (E1) to the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board for Approval of a Supply Agreement for Electricity Efficiency and Conservation Activities between E1 and Nova Scotia Power Inc. (NS Power), the establishment of a final agreement between parties, and approval of a 2023-2025 Demand Side Management (DSM) Resource Plan...

  • Paper Hearing: E - Nova Scotia Power Incorporated (M10400)

    IN THE MATTER OF AN APPLICATION by NOVA SCOTIA POWER INCORPORATED (NS POWER) to the Board on December 21, 2021, for approval of Capital Work Order CI 46075 – IT – T&D WAM Phase 2 – Work Management and Scheduling & Dispatch Application, in the amount of $60.9 million...

Oral Hearings

The following Notices provide details of upcoming oral hearings including deadlines for those wishing to participate.

June 2022

  • June 27 - W - Halifax Regional Water Commission (M10468)

    IN THE MATTER OF AN APPLICATION by the HALIFAX REGIONAL WATER COMMISSION for approval of amendments to its Schedule of Rates and Charges and approval of its Regulations respecting Rates and Charges for the provision of water, public and private fire protection, wastewater services, and stormwater services...

September 2022

November 2022