NS Power has internal procedures for dealing with complaints. If you are not satisfied with NS Power’s response, then you can refer your complaint to either the Dispute Resolution Officer (DRO) or the Board, depending on what it's about.

Complaints about the amount of your bill or a disconnection relating to non-payment

Prior to bringing financial disputes to the attention of the Board, customers are required to complete the dispute resolution process with the DRO for NS Power. The contact information for the DRO is as follows:

NS Power Dispute Resolution Officer
Tel: (902) 428-6202
Toll Free: 1-877-428-6202
Fax: (902) 835-7744
Email: nspdisputeresolution@gmail.com

Once the DRO has rendered their written decision, the customer then has 12 days from the date of notification of the decision to file an appeal in writing with the Board of the DRO decision. NS Power cannot appeal the DRO’s decision.


Complaints about service delivery, service reliability, power poles, outages, or other matters

These types of complaints go directly to the Board and do not involve the DRO. Please complete the online complaint form by following the Complete the Form button below.